The German Football Association (DFB) has entered into a kit partnership with Nike, Inc., from 2027 until 2034. Nike will supply kits for all of Germany’s national teams and support German football.

DFB president Bernd Neuendorf said: “We’re looking forward to working together with Nike, and we’re pleased with the trust placed in us. The future partnership allows the DFB to fulfil central functions with a view to a comprehensive development of football in Germany in the coming decade. However, it’s also clear that we will fully commit to achieving joint success with our long-standing and current partner, Adidas, to whom German football owes a great deal for more than seven decades of cooperation, until December 2026.

Dr. Holger Blask, Managing Director of the DFB GmbH & Co. KG, explained: “Awarding a contract to our future kit supplier Nike is the result of a transparent and non-discriminatory tender procedure. Nike made by far the best financial offer and, additionally, impressed with the content of their vision, which also included a clear commitment to supporting amateur and grassroots sport, as well as the sustainable development of women’s football in Germany. The timing of the tender procedure is normal in terms of the planning and lead times, and it was discussed beforehand with all the relevant stakeholders.”

DFB treasurer Stephan Grunwald said: “The DFB is a central social institution with the 7.3 million people that it represents and it has a unique selling point among sports federations: It supports its members financially and isn’t financed by these members. This helps to preserve football as a national sport and makes it possible to offer club memberships at comparatively low prices. We’re grateful to be able to look into a financially stable future again due to Nike’s commitment as an association.”

Adidas has been supplying German soccer with its gear ever since 1954, and last week it presented the new jerseys for the upcoming European Championship, which Germany is hosting this summer.

Image courtesy AP