Nike Inc. will debut the Nike N7 Collection, a select range of performance footwear designed with the environment and the future of Native American communities in mind. The N7 Collection will be sold exclusively through 33 Nike Factory Stores in the U.S. and via, with a portion of the profits going to the N7 Fund, which supports youth sport in Native American communities.

“For more than 10 years Nike has worked closely with Native American communities to provide support through product innovations specific to the needs of Native Americans and by providing grants to support sport programs through the N7 Fund,” said Sam McCracken, General Manager of Nike`s Native American Business. “With the introduction of the N7 Collection, consumers now have the ability to be their own agents of change, as the profits from their purchase will help young people in Native American communities realize their potential through sport.”

The N7 Collection was created through the lens of Considered Design where products are engineered for higher performance and lower environmental impact.