Nike, Inc., for the second consecutive year, has closed its global corporate office from August 15-19 for “Well-Being Week,” for Nike employees to “relax and recharge.”

The week’s closing was first announced this past May and reiterated in a LinkedIn post last week from Monique Matheson, EVP, chief HR officer, Nike, Inc, which reads:

“Our global offices will be closed for Well-Being Week – which is quickly becoming one of my favorite Nike traditions.  

 “We first introduced Well-Being Week last year. We knew it would be impactful, but I was blown away by the feedback from our teammates – they loved being able to take time off together as a team. 

 “Because everyone was away at the same time, teammates said they could unplug – really unplug, without worrying about what was happening back at the office or getting anxiety about the emails piling up. And because we could all truly disconnect, our time away was more restorative. That’s certainly what I experienced.

 “So, we’re bringing Well-Being Week back! In addition to our corporate offices, we’re also closing our Air MI locations next week, and we’re giving teammates in our retail stores and distribution centers a week’s worth of paid Well-Being Days off they can use when it’s convenient for them.

 “Our teammates work so hard – this is one way we can show our appreciation and support their well-being. 🙏”