Eminem and Nike have joined forces to create a limited edition run of the Air Max series to benefit charities that raise funds for disadvantaged youths, both in Eminem’s home state of Michigan and around the world in refugee camps.

Eminem will design limited-edition uppers of eight different shoes in the Air Max series: from the Air Max 87, all the way up to the most recent Air Max 360. His reinterpretation of the upper has been laid onto the original blueprints for each of the Air Max shoes to create a unique set of shoe designs.

Only 8 full sets of the footwear (64 pairs of shoes in total) will be produced before they are auctioned off over a period of 4 weeks, starting August 31, to help raise money for the Marshall Mathers Foundation and ninemillion.org. All 64 pairs will be numbered and autographed by Eminem making them true collectors items in every sense.

Eminem remarks: “Were always looking for new ways to try to raise money and awareness for the foundation, so when Nike approached us we jumped at the chance. When we got the info on ninemillion.org, it made even more sense. Who wouldnt want to design their own line of Nikes? And to do it for charity makes it that much better.”