Nike was left with an unpaid bill of $32.1 million in the bankruptcy of J.C. Penney, according to court documents. Other firms in the active lifestyle space landing on the list of the top-50 unsecured creditors included Adidas, owed $7.1 million; Supreme International, $5 million; Izod, $4.6 million; and New Balance, $3.2 million.

Nike’s unsecured claim was second only to Wilmington Trust Global Capital Markets, which on a combined basis is owed over $1 billion.

On Friday, J.C. Penney filed for bankruptcy in Texas. The company said it has an agreement with most of its lenders on the turnaround plan that will allow it to stay in business as a more financially healthy company, but will include closing an as yet unannounced number of its 846 stores.

J.C. Penney has approximately $500 million in cash on hand as of the Chapter 11 filing date. J.C. Penney has received commitments for $900 million in debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing from its existing first lien lenders, which includes $450 millions of new money. Following court approval, the financing, combined with cash flow generated by the company’s ongoing operations, is expected to be sufficient to meet J.C. Penney’s operational and restructuring needs. As part of the DIP commitment from its existing lenders, J.C. Penney will explore additional opportunities to maximize value, including a third-party sale process.

The company blamed the Covid-19 pandemic for the need to file bankruptcy.

“Until this pandemic struck, we had made significant progress rebuilding our company under our Plan for Renewal strategy — and our efforts had already begun to pay off,” said CEO Jill Soltau. “Implementing this financial restructuring plan through a court-supervised process is the best path to ensure that J.C. Penney will build on its over 100-year history to serve our customers for decades to come.”

The top-50 unsecured creditors were:

  1. Wilmington Trust Global Capital Markets, $500 million;
  2. Wilmington Trust Global Capital Markets, $388.3 million;
  3. Wilmington Trust Global Capital Markets, $312.5 million;
  4. Wilmington Trust Global Capital Markets, $105.3 million;
  5. Nike Inc., $32.1 million;
  6. Alfred Dunner Inc., $14.2 million;
  7. Byer California, $12.6 million;
  8. Oracle Credit Corporation, $11.4 million;
  9. Wilmington Trust Global Capital Markets, $9.8 million;
  10. Siouni & Zar Corp/Kelly Grace, $8.5 million;
  11. G. Int’L Mfg. Co., Ltd., $7.7 million;
  12. Adidas Distributing, $7.1 million;
  13. Eclat Textile Co., Ltd., $7.0 million;
  14. Poong In Trading Co., Ltd., $6.8 million;
  15. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., $6.7 million;
  16. Crystalclear Wealth Ltd., $6.3 million;
  17. Haggar Clothing Co., $6.09 million;
  18. The Lee Company, $6.1 million;
  19. Van Heusen Sportswear, $5.7 million,
  20. Nobland International, $5.2 million
  21. Arya LLC DBA Perceptions, $5.05 million;
  22. Supreme International Corp, $5.02 million;
  23. Breaking Waves Inc., $4.99 million,
  24. Laws Textile Industrial Ltd. $4.81 million;
  25. Kasper Group LLC, $4.75 million;
  26. Bee Darlin, $4.68 million;
  27. Izod, $4.63 million;
  28. The William Carter Co., $4.62 million;
  29. D3 LLC, $4.44 million;
  30. Vanity Fair Brands, $4.41 million;
  31. Jordache Enterprises Inc., $4.21 million;
  32. U-Knits, Inc., $4.1 million;
  33. Epic Garments DWC -LLC, $4.1 million;
  34. Briggs New York Corp, $4.05 million;
  35. Tharanco Dress Group LLC, $3.97 million;
  36. Footwear Unlimited Inc., $3.95 million;
  37. Fritzi California, $3.91 million;
  38. Sun Diamond (DBA Sun Source), $3.77 million;
  39. Revise Clothing Inc., $3.74 million;
  40. Gulf Textile Sourcing Fze, $3.72 million;
  41. OMD USA LLC, $3.64 million;
  42. In Mocean Group LLC, $3.49 million;
  43. Elkay Overseas India, $3.475 million;
  44. Tal Global Alliances Limited, $3.47 million;
  45. Mainstream Swimsuits Inc., $3,47 million;
  46. Manhattan Beachwear, $3.42 million;
  47. Richline Group Inc., $3.4 million;
  48. The Van Heusen Company, $3.34 million;
  49. Studio Ray LLC, $3.28 million;
  50. New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc., $3.2 million.