The Nidecker Group, based in Rolle, Switzerland, has acquired Flow Sports, based in San Clemente, CA.

Nidecker Group, operates a variety of well-known brands in both the snowboarding and stand up paddle boarding such as Nidecker Snowboards, Jones Snowboard, Yes Snowboards and Now Snowboard Bindings as well as Laird Stand Up Paddle.  Flow Sports Inc., which owns several other brands, will continue to operate. The company owns SIC Maui, a leading paddle board company.

Flow is the third largest brand of bindings and the fifth largest brand of boards, boots, bindings in America. Nidecker Group reportedly becomes the third largest snowboarding company in America behind Burton and K2 Sports.

According to a statement, Nidecker Group sees an opportunity to expand and strengthen its technology toolbox and global distribution footprint. Flow sees the need to be part of a larger portfolio of brands whereby it can continue to offer innovative products and value to its retail partners and to the millions of snowboarders around the world.

“Nidecker’s roots run deep with Flow as Nidecker and Flow did a cross license agreement for the use of a certain Technology that contributed to the “Speed Entry Bindings” revolution for which Flow has become the world leader of,” said Henry Nidecker, CEO of the Nidecker Group. “This acquisition is very complementary to our existing brands and will help drive revenue and other core initiatives in the coming years helping the Nidecker Group reach a new level of competitiveness in the global market.”

Anthony Scaturro, president and CEO of Flow Sports, said, “We are very happy with what we have created in Flow. Over the past 20 years we have brought value to our distribution and retail partners. We have also brought innovation, convenience and fun to millions of snowboarders around the world. We believe Flow has found a great home with Nidecker and we are confident that they will continue the great work that the Flow team is so proud of.” Scaturro went on to say, “Nidecker is committed to the evolution and growth of not only their own brands but also snowboarding as a whole. We look forward to continued success of Flow and Nidecker.”