Newron Sport appointed former National Hockey League star, Marc Fortier as executive sales director and public relations for Newron's expansion in North America.

“Being associated with Newron Sport is a great opportunity for me,” stated Fortier. “Newron Sport is truly revolutionizing the traditional inline skate market, with their patented, innovative technology. This is easily judged with the exceptional response that I have received from both my professional colleagues and recreational inline skaters on the Newron product.”

Fortier had played for the professional hockey organization, the National Hockey League, from 1987 to 1993. Mr. Fortier has been inducted in the Quebec Junior Hockey Hall of Fame and is currently engaged with the Colorado Avalanche as a Scout.

Fortier can be seen at the Newron booth at the “Let's Play Hockey” show at Las Vegas, explaining the advantages and unique technology of the Newron Skate. The link is available on the following video sharing website,,

Newron Sport has targeted the market segment of inline skates, which has not seen any technological innovation in the last 30 years. With the patented inline skates created by Newron Sport, and with a world skating market of over 50 million pairs annually and steadily growing according to statistics released by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, Newron is poised to establish itself in a market that has grown from 35 million pairs annually in 1999 to over 50 million pairs in 2005, and estimated 60 million pairs in 2009.