New Era reportedly inked a long-term headwear partnership with the MoneyGram Haas F1 Team for the 2024 season and onwards.

Haas is the sole U.S. team in Formula One, while New Era has produced performance headwear for some of the best leagues, teams and athletes since 1920.

The agreement has New Era providing the team and drivers with headwear and serving in several race specials.

“As a Formula One enthusiast and a firm believer in the power of collaboration, I’m thrilled to witness the natural partnership between New Era, a beacon of American headwear craftsmanship, and the MoneyGram Haas F1 Team, a symbol of American racing excellence,” said Paul Gils, VP of EMEA at New Era. “This collaboration underpins the shared values of innovation and precision that both brands embody and is a testament to our commitment to represent the best of American ingenuity on the global stage.”

Photo courtesy MoneyGram Haas F1