The Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) and US Lacrosse introduced a new certification program for women’s lacrosse headgear and goggles. The program was announced to manufacturers in a joint letter from SEI President Patricia Gleason and US Lacrosse Vice President of Lacrosse Operations Ann Kitt Carpenetti.

This action supports the recently approved rules language by the US Lacrosse board of directors’ executive committee, which requires such equipment made after January 1, 2018 to be SEI-certified.

The new program, SEI’s first since becoming part of the ASTM International family, will certify headgear and goggles to meet the requirements of two key standards: Standard Specification for Headgear Used in Women’s Lacrosse (excluding Goalkeepers) (F3137-15) and Standard Specification for Eye Protectors for Women’s Lacrosse (F3077-14).

“We are thrilled to work with US Lacrosse to introduce this new certification program,” said Gleason. “We look forward to certifying products that help create a stronger culture of safety for women in this increasingly popular sport.”

Carpenetti said, “As part of our longstanding commitment to player safety, US Lacrosse is proud to be working with SEI, an industry leader in third-party equipment certification, to ensure the quality and safety of lacrosse equipment.”

Additional technical information about the new program will be sent to manufacturers in a follow-up letter on November 8.

US Lacrosse has more than 450,000 members in 68 regional chapters across the country.