Neomouv, a French company located in La Flèche in the Pays de la Loire region, which designs and distributes a wide range of e-bikes, announced via its parent company VAxE, that it acquired 80 percent of the capital of Unibike.

Neomouv designs and manufactures its bikes in-house and sends them to Portugal to be painted and assembled by its long-time partner, Unibike, with expertise in those areas. Unibike’s manufacturing facility can assemble up to 250,000 e-bikes annually.

The acquisition was made possible with the support of the group’s shareholders, including Sodero Gestion, a historical investor. The capital increase raised €2.7 million, with founder and CEO Philippe Vaxelaire remaining the majority shareholder.

BPI and the banks Arkea, Crédit Agricole and Société Générale are providing support for the project.

This acquisition will enable Neomouv to accelerate development in the e-bike market, secure its production and increase its agility and capacity for innovation. Unibike benefits from Neomouv’s expertise in e-bike design, procurement and component sourcing.

Neomouv and Unibike will continue to operate as separate entities, preserving identities, autonomy and customer base.

Philippe Vaxelaire said, “We are determined to continue our commitment to democratizing the use of electric bikes among our customers by offering high-quality, reliable, powerful, and competitive products, as well as personalized services for an exceptional experience. This acquisition strengthens our presence in the e-bike market, expands our product portfolio and creates new business opportunities. We are confident that this strategic alliance will bring numerous benefits to both companies and our respective customers. I heartily thank Sergio Ramos for his trust and am delighted that his daughters Paula and Victoria will continue the adventure with us.”

Unibike’s founder Ramos added, “I am delighted to see Unibike and Neomouv coming together. Our two companies are family and entrepreneur businesses and share values of proximity and engagement. The expertise of our two teams are complimentary, and I am convinced that their common passion for innovation and excellence will enable them to write a new chapter in the history of the bicycle industry.”

Photo courtesy Neomouv