NBFog, a multi-discipline company focused primarily on brand building for the outdoor industry, announced that it has acquired Blue Lake Outdoor Group, an outdoor management and consulting firm and Shyne Agency, an advertising and marketing agency dedicated to the outdoor lifestyle industry.

Regarding the Blue Lake acquisition, Randy Russell, CFO and COO of NBFog, said “Over the past 5 years I have had the pleasure of working with Glen, I can tell you there is not a better sales and distribution expert in the outdoor industry. The addition of Blue Lake Outdoors to our team of companies and services allows us to deliver the best sales and distribution service to our clients in the industry.”

“We are excited to be a part of the NBFog team and feel that our services will provide NBFog clients additional product development, sourcing and greater distribution channel options. The knowledge and comprehensive strategies that the Blue Lake Outdoor Group bring to the NBFog team is the perfect synergy for the brand building success of their clients” said Glen Cunningham, president of Blue Lake Outdoor Group. “I have spent over 21 years in the outdoor industry. I know the familiar faces of the NBFog team members and the proven track records they have. Joining this team was like a family reunion!”

Sammie Knight, Chief Marketing Officer of NBFog, said, “I have been in the sales and marketing business for the past 27 years across several industries and categories. Throughout my 27 years, I have worked with some incredible talents. Every once in a while you get the chance to find a superstar, that is Glen.” Knight continued, “Of all the great people I have had the pleasure to work with, Glen is the best all-around, skilled sales and distribution individual I have had the pleasure to work with. Regardless of the challenge or the industry, I would send Glen in and could guarantee the client or brand holder he will make the difference it takes to drive your distribution growth. We are excited to have the pleasure to bring Glen's company, Blue Lake Outdoors into the lineup of support services NBFog offers.”

NBFog also said that it has acquired the Shyne Agency, an advertising and marketing agency dedicated to the outdoor lifestyle. This acquisition will better serve the needs of NBFog clients by offering them a full menu of advertising agency services. “We are excited to have the Shyne Agency joining our lineup of services for brand building” stated Mike Callahan, Chief Executive Officer for NBFog. “One key ingredient of being a brand building company is the message and delivery to the consumer of our clients' brands and products. Greg brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the consumer side of brand building. He has been focusing on the outdoor industry for the past 5 years” Callahan continued. “Greg will serve as the President of the Shyne Agency and will report to Sammie Knight.”

“I am excited to be a part of the NBFog team and feel that our services will provide NBFog clients a network of industry resources which are pivotal for brand building success. My goal for the Shyne Agency has always been to provide big agency, big brand experience on an affordable budget to take my clients' brands to the next level” said Greg Meunier, president of the Shyne Agency. “There is so much energy with the NBFog team. I am proud that the capabilities and mission of the Shyne Agency was the perfect fit to fill the needs of their clients!”
Sammie Knight, Chief Marketing Officer of NBFog, said, “The acquisition of the Shyne Agency will create even stronger capabilities for outdoor brand building. Greg's successful experience and passion for providing full service agency services at affordable pricing was exactly what we wanted to offer the outdoor lifestyle community. This addition to our team will enhance our advertising and marketing services. Couple those services with an understanding of strategic planning and research analysis and we successfully move the needle for our clients' business,” Sammie Knight continued. “You can't be taught this knowledge to pass along to clients, you have to live it. When it comes to expertise in marketing the outdoor lifestyle, our team is unsurpassed by other agencies serving this industry. Greg and the Shyne Agency join our mission, energy, personality and vision for brand building in the outdoor market.”