The National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) has appointed Andrew Feenstra, owner of Cyclesmith Halifax, as the first vice chair of the NBDA Board of Directors. NBDA said in a release that this appointment underscores the the bicycle retailer trade association’s commitment to fostering leadership within the bicycle retail industry.

“Andrew Feenstra brings a wealth of experience and passion for cycling to his new role,” NBDA wrote in its release. “Born to Dutch immigrants in Canada, Feenstra’s affinity for bicycles began in childhood, igniting a lifelong dedication to the industry. His journey in the bicycle business commenced in 1986 when he started as a technician at a small repair shop, later joining Cyclesmith in 1994 during his university years. After a brief hiatus, Feenstra returned to the industry in 1999 as co-owner of Cyclesmith, eventually assuming full ownership in 2016.”

NBDA added that Feenstra has championed numerous initiatives to enrich his community throughout his career, including supporting charity rides, hospital foundations, immigration services, and youth advocacy programs. He is also said to be a founding member of the NBDA P2C Group, showcasing his commitment to advancing the interests of Canadian bicycle retailers.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the new role, Feenstra remarked, “I am very pleased that the NBDA Board of Directors has recently appointed me as the first vice chair. I’m thrilled about the opportunity to contribute to the exceptional work the NBDA has been doing for the bicycle industry in North America.”

NBDA said Feenstra’s vision for the industry aligns with the NBDA’s mission to strengthen specialty bicycle retailers. He aims to elevate bicycle retailing as a respected profession, ensuring that industry professionals earn a sustainable livelihood while pursuing their passion.

Image courtesy Andrew Feenstra, Cyclesmith Halifax