Navajo Incorporated, a provider of eyewear with the Piranha brand, announced that they have acquired Maxx HD Sunglasses, a Colorado-based national distributor of sports, motorsports and NCAA-licensed sunglasses. The integration of Maxx HD into the Navajo organization will expand circulation and deepen the range of styles provided to current customers.

Maxx HD was established over 20 years ago by Rick and Nancy Millner. For two decades, their hard work, investment and leadership built Maxx HD into the well-known sports and outdoor brand it is today.

“Maxx covers the specialty sports and activities channel well, and we cover the mass-market well. We think they’ll provide balance to our existing lines and boost our visibility,” Deborah Abreu, VP of business development at Navajo, said. “It’s a perfect fit. They’re a well-recognized brand with a premium price point in a strong market. Their online presence is good, and we’re ready to broaden our channels of distribution.”

This is the second acquisition in three months for Navajo, the first being Cashco back in December. The focus, Mark Deuschle – president of Navajo – says, is on cornering new markets. “This is a 1-plus-1-equals-3 situation. Maxx HD brings something new to the table in areas where we can serve new shoppers in both our current retail partners and their new channels. Both acquisitions drive our growth and development in the direction our consumers need.”