Nautilus Inc. launched the Modern Movement brand and the availability of the Modern Movement fitness training line.

The Modern Movement brand expands Nautilus Inc.’s offerings to include shelf fitness and adds the balance and core strength focus area to the company’s collection. Modern Movement is designed for those who seek a stronger core and better balance. Products include the M-Pad Balance & Strength Trainer and the Edge-Boar Core Strength Trainer, and both sync with the free M-Trac app, available for iOS and Android.

The M-Trac app connects to a TV and engages the user in balance and agility games including “Bull’s Eye,” “Maze” and “Space Invaders” while measuring progress and providing motivation.

“We strive to provide innovative and fun ways for our customers to achieve their health and fitness goals by delivering a diverse set of cardio, strength and now balance, agility and core strength training offerings in our family of brands,” said Jeff Collins, vice president, general manager retail of Nautilus Inc. “These new products are designed to offer functionality and entertainment in a sleek package that will help deliver results.”

“Many people focus on cardio or strength training, but don’t realize the importance of improving your balance and strengthening your core for a well-rounded fitness regimen,” said Tom Holland, exercise physiologist and Nautilus Inc. fitness advisor. “The Modern Movement products not only help consumers to regain, maintain and improve functional balance, as well as enhance their overall core strength, but they also provide entertainment for users of all ages, to encourage longer, more frequent training sessions. It can be a great way for families to get fit while having fun.”

The products are available for purchase both directly and at select Dick’s Sporting Goods stores,, and other retailers.

Photo courtesy Nautilus