Nautilus Inc., a fitness equipment manufacturer, will debut a partnership with RunSocial on its new treadmill.

RunSocial is a virtual reality technology that allows users to run through scenic locations across the globe alone or with other runners, while tracking pace and distance. Users run at their own pace and see it reflected in the app via a virtual self — much like playing a video game and creating an avatar.

RunSocial also offers a selection of courses and has a mechanism to schedule runs with other friends and fellow competitors in the 3D virtual world.

“From the beginning, our focus has been to offer customers ways to enhance their overall workout experience by incorporating the most innovative technology possible,” said Bill McMahon, COO, Nautilus Inc. “By partnering with RunSocial, users can be transported to another part of the world, offering outside motivation to power through their workout. We know that we are one piece of our customers’ overall workout regime, which is why we strive to seamlessly integrate with popular fitness apps to give them the best experience possible with the tools they’re already using.”

The RunSocial compatible treadmill is a part of the recently released Nautilus 618 Performance Series, which also includes a recumbent bike and elliptical.

Photo courtesy RunSocial