The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) announced that its sixth annual Optima Conference will be a virtual event produced and accessed online. The virtual conference will take place from October 13-16, 2020.

“The future of fitness requires adaptability. Taking Optima to an all-virtual format offers an opportunity to connect our community with the tools and knowledge to succeed in this rapidly changing world,” said Laurie McCartney, President of NASM and AFAA. “By bringing together the brightest minds in the fitness industry, and using the latest technology, we will connect our trainers and instructors with insights and real-world strategies that will elevate their expertise.”

The conference includes over 70 educational sessions, guided workouts and opportunities for the fitness community to network with leaders, sponsors and exhibitors in a virtual environment. Randy Hetrick, founder and creator of the TRX portable suspension training system and a former U.S. Navy Seal, is the keynote speaker.

“Transitioning Optima completely online means this will be our biggest and most accessible fitness conference yet,” said McCartney. “More than ever before, trainers and instructors worldwide will unite and share their perspectives on the latest science and trends. It also presents a unique opportunity to spotlight how fitness professionals will thrive in a virtual world.”

The conference will include a Virtual Expo Hall where sponsors and exhibitors can demonstrate their latest products and solutions related to fitness, nutrition and wellness.

More information is available here.

Photo courtesy Optima