Seattle-based legacy outdoor brand MSR released at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market what the company is calling the world’s most advanced portable water purifier, the Guardian, $350.

In 2009, the U.S. military selected MSR and its bio safety Level II water lab to create a device capable of keeping its service members safe from waterborne illnesses. Five and half years of R&D, engineering and funding later, MSR is unveiling the solution.

Built not just for military but now available for international travelers, outdoor recreationalists and emergency preparedness, the microbiological purifier is capable of transforming the world’s most challenging water, puddles and other unsavory sources into clean, microbiologically safe, drinkable water.

Designed for U.S. military field personnel, the Guardian meets NSF Protocol P248, the U.S. military standard for removing viruses, bacteria and protozoa in water abundant with silt and particulates. Rugged design withstands heat up to 160°F, freezing temperatures, drops of up to 6 feet, and up to 300 pounds of force.


The Guardian

The pump physically removes viruses, protozoa, bacteria and particulates at a surprising 2.5 liters per minute – with no chemicals, UV light, pre-filtering, or waiting – for up to 10,000+ liters. Unlike conventional hollow-fiber technology, MSR’s medical/military-grade fibers block even the tiniest waterborn pathogens from “the world’s worst water sources.”

Recreational users no longer need to be intimidated by field maintenance, product vulnerabilities and user error thanks to its patent-pending, self-cleaning design. It will never require users to back flush or to scrub filters.

MSR’s acclaimed in-house microbiology lab for water testing gives the company an advantage when it comes to knowledge, quality and reliability in water purification. The 1,336-square-foot lab has an EPA-registered bio safety Level II certification and is operated by five scientists who have more than 55 combined years of water treatment experience, including hands-on research with more than 65 different water treatment technologies currently available.