Consumer Concept Group, the parent company of running content creator and race event organizer Motiv Running, has rebranded as Black Shamrock Partners.

The company said in a release it is focused on “value-add investments in the increasingly vibrant experience-based lifestyle economy.” Black Shamrock Partners is led by Rick Schaden, Tom Ryan and Brooks Schaden.

Black Shamrock Partners is the founder and owner of Tom’s Urban as well as Motiv Group, an experiential company with a portfolio of brands within the sports and entertainment sector, including running and endurance events, triathlons and festivals.

Recent investments include the Sydney Marathon, Love Run Philadelphia Half Marathon, Napa-to-Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon, The Surf City Marathon and Half Marathon, The Wildflower and Malibu Triathlons as well as the Denver Oktoberfest.

“Our guiding principle as a team has always been to identify exciting experiential trends that we can magnify in order to build and grow successful businesses,” said Brooks Schaden, CEO of Black Shamrock Partners. “We believe we have exactly that with Tom’s Urban and Motiv Group and will work with their respective teams to identify and execute on opportunities for growth. We also continue to seek out additional high growth opportunities where we can lend our expertise in order to help a brand reach its full potential.”