MoGo Sport, the developer of high performance flavored mouthguards, announced the hiring of an independent representative sales force and international distributor.

The rep groups/individuals covering the states nationally are:
•    Teamworks SG – B. Levegoood, G. Vanover, C. Parker, D. Egbert, R. Worster, P. Kennedy.  States: 13 Western states in US: AZ, CA, CO, HI, NM, WY, UT, ID, MT, WA, OR, NV & AK
•    Southwest Sports Sales – K. Parker, T. Wilson, S. Anderson. States: TX, OK, AR,  & LA
•    J&H Sales – J. Bode, J. VanFleet, M. Huskisson, S. Cox, C. Whelchel, P. Iannacone, M. Huskinsson, S. Wise, M. Chambers, T. Adams. States: 9 Southeastern US: AL, FL, GA, VA, NC, SC, W.VA, KY & TN
•    Mike Grove Sales – M. Grove, MS
•    Mickelson Agency – J. Gilberto, E. Malvik, H. Hoffmann, Jim Herrick, Jerry Herrick, M. Miroslavich, N. Singleton, T. Pringle. States: IL, IN, OH, W PA, MI, WI, IA, MO, MN,ND, SD, KS, NE,  & MI
•    Sports Sales and Marketing – S. Dubrow, M. Kohut, E. Margolis, J. Murawski, D. Olsen, P. Saylor. States: 10 Northeastern US states; DE, E PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, NH, MA, ME, & MD

MoGo also announced its international distributor for Canada, as Diesel Management/Winwell Clean Hockey has been appointed MoGo’s distributor for Canada and select Central and Northern European countries.

MoGo Sport’s mission is to completely change the athlete’s experience of wearing a mouthguard.  Using a patent-pending, FDA-compliant methodology, MoGo has launched a range of high performance flavored mouth guards which prevent dry mouth and offer several flavors while providing maximum comfort, protection, breathability and performance.