Point6 said it will use Enciel, a new type of truly white merino wool created by The Merino Company, in a new line of socks.


For generations wool producers have tried in vain to produce white wool that can be dyed. Now using Enciel, Point6 has created a brilliantly white sock range that will change the merino wool game forever.

Enciel was created by The Merino Company through years of research and development using its SpectraWool1 technology. With a whiteness value of 161 on the CIE Gantz whiteness scale, Enciel has achieved a level of white, whiter than optically white cotton. It is a white that does not fade in sunlight and laundering. It is a white that makes all other merino wool look dull by comparison. It is a white the world has been waiting for.

White wool offers the opportunity to bring a whole new color palette to wool garments. Not only can the white wool be used as the final yarn color, the white yarns can also be dyed vibrant rich colors and clean pastel shades, which have never been available before, thus making Enciel a revolutionary technology that will change the wool industry forever.

“Color is key and many consumers prefer crisp, classic, pure white. This is especially important in our active, running and lifestyle categories,” stated Patty Duke, design director and co-founder of Point6. “Merino wool is the best choice to keep feet dry and comfortable. Now those who prefer white socks don’t have to compromise function,” she added.Point 6….white wool…the game is on.
Point6 is based near the Yampa River and the Steamboat Ski Area in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Their merino wool socks are guaranteed to be the most comfortable and durable you can own. Point6 socks are made in the USA with state of the art knitting and compact spinning technologies along with sport specific designs and engineered fit to ensure ultimate performance and comfort. Point6 is committed to sustainability and adheres to environmental guidelines.