Mizuno reported sales in the Americas region rose 15.9 percent in the fourth quarter and 30.4 percent in the fiscal year ended March 31.

Sales in the quarter in the Americas region reached ¥5.1 million against ¥4.4 million a year ago. Operating profit information for the quarter wasn’t disclosed.

For the year, sales in the Americas were ¥26.3 million against ¥18.1 million a year ago, a gain of 30.4 percent. The growth in the year reflected strong sales of golf products.

Operating profits for the Americas region in the year reached ¥2.6 million against a profit of ¥900,000 a year ago. The operating profit was the highest on an annual basis on record due to the sales growth and high efficiency of its business operation.

Companywide, sales in the quarter reached ¥47.8 million, a gain of 9.4 percent. Operating profit was down 25 percent to ¥1.8 million. Net income eased 11.1 percent to ¥1.6 million.

Companywide, sales in the year reached ¥172.7 billion, up 114.8 percent. The growth was led by the recovery of its business operation from the pandemic. Strong sales were seen in golf and running footwear, especially in the Americas and EMEA. Stable sales were seen in outdoor sports such as baseball, football and golf in Japan.


Operating profits reached ¥9.9 billion, a gain of 259.4 percent. The improvement was driven by the sales increase, the improvement in the gross margin ratio, and the lower expense ratio due to cost reduction measures during the pandemic. Operating profits hit a record high since the implementation of the consolidated financial report.

Ordinary profit was ¥11.0 billion, up 182.1 percent and also hitting a record high. Net income in the year reached ¥7.7 billion, up 205.9 percent year-over-year.

In other regions for the year, sales in Japan were ¥114.3 million against ¥106.3 million a year ago, up  6 percent. Sales in the EMEA were up 38 percent to ¥17.9 million. Sales in the Asia/Oceania region were ¥16.9 million, up 30 percent.

Photo courtesy Mizuno