Mizuno USA has launched an updated mobile app with a new design and new features, including geofencing technology to optimize their push notification campaigns.

Consumers who have downloaded the Mizuno app and opted-in to receive push notifications will receive relevant messages based on their location and proximity to a Mizuno dealer. The technology provider is Shopgate.

As they expand the reaches of their mobile capabilities, Mizuno is planning to launch multiple push notification campaigns focused on different sports, events, and offers. When a Mizuno customer opens a geofence-powered push notification, they will be taken directly to Google Maps, allowing them to locate stores that are within a specified geofence radius. Each campaign will mention the dealer’s name with a call-to-action to view the map. Campaigns will be moderated by frequency caps to avoid sending consumers too many push notifications.

“Introducing geofencing to our push notification strategy has enabled our Shopgate-based app to communicate instantly and directly with our consumers,” said Amarena Diaz, director of digital marketing, Mizuno, in a statement. “We’ve already found exceptional value on the Shopgate Connect platform, and can’t wait to take advantage of more app features. We’re excited to continue working with our dealers to help drive additional foot traffic to their brick and mortar locations.”