Mizuno Corporation is making a new long-term strategic commitment to the U.S. market, including an increased for role the U.S. team in the design and development of Mizuno’s global golf product line. The main goal of the global initiative is to give Mizuno USA more influence in designing global products that more accurately reflect global trends and tastes that originate in the U.S., while working in concert with and leveraging the unparalleled strengths of Mizuno Japan’s R&D teams.

“Senior management in Japan sees the U.S. market as a key strategic driver of global growth and this strategic commitment is significant for us to compete as a truly global brand.” said Bob Puccini, President Mizuno USA, Inc., and Chairman, Mizuno Canada, Ltd. “Taking a more consumer-oriented approach reflective of U.S. influences, while being able to tap into the deep R&D resources and technological expertise of Mizuno Japan, will not only enable us to create the finest golf products in the world, but also allow us to create, market, and launch products that appeal to consumers on a global scale.”

A major step in this global strategic initiative is to expand design and development center in the United States to help drive global product development. To spearhead this effort, Harry Taylor has been promoted to VP, Golf Product Design & Development/ Player Promotion, to lead and direct the activities of the newly expanded development center. In his new role, Taylor will be responsible for managing the concept generation, design, and development of all new golf products, in conjunction with the Mizuno global design and R&D teams. With the complementary talents and experience of Masao Nagai, Director of Engineering & Development, the U.S. will continue to focus on technological innovations and product breakthroughs. Masao Nagai and his R&D team will report to Taylor. Taylor will also continue to manage the Player Promotion team.

“The team of Harry Taylor and Masao Nagai has been a formidable one in the industry for over a decade,” said Dick Lyons, Vice President and General Manager, Golf Division for Mizuno USA, Inc. “By working closely together and in partnership with the Mizuno global R&D team, they have developed some of the finest equipment in golf such as the breakthrough Mizuno T-Zoid® line of irons, the Mizuno MP line of game enhancement irons, the MX line of game improvement irons, and the new, revolutionary Mizuno MP-001 driver and fairway woods. This re-organization, along with this increased role given to us by Mizuno Corporation, is going to further bolster our ability to create the finest golf equipment to provide maximum performance to golfers all over the world.”