Misfits Gaming has teamed up with Outerstuff LLC, a leading manufacturer of licensed youth sports apparel, to launch a global esports apparel joint venture.

Misfits Gaming, the Miami-based esports organization, will be working with Outerstuff to launch unique branded apparel from various IP holders, online and in stores, to esports fans around the world. Outerstuff has also made a strategic equity investment in Misfits Gaming. A new line of Misfits Gaming and Florida Mayhem licensed apparel will kick off the partnership and expand to other esports brands in the future.

“Esports has a global fanbase that is unrivaled in its enthusiasm and passion, but audiences are hindered by the limited quality and availability of licensed apparel from teams and brands,” said Ben Spoont, CEO and co-founder of Misfits Gaming. “This is especially true in regions like China, where the population of gamers outnumbers the total US population but fans are unable to access official esports merchandise from many of their favorite global brands. As a team owner myself, I’ve experienced firsthand the many issues relating to designing, manufacturing, and distributing the apparel that fans are clamoring to purchase. Outerstuff’s global operations (including its retail channels in Asia and four other continents) and experience creating and distributing official apparel for the NFL, NBA, and other traditional sports leagues bring critical industry-leading expertise across the entire apparel value chain.”

Day-to-day operations of the joint venture’s business will be managed by Outerstuff, who will also oversee apparel design, sales, marketing and distribution. Misfits Gaming will manage relations with key stakeholders, including team owners, leagues, tournament organizers, influencers, and team owners’ associations.

“Given the strong engagement and unparalleled growth of young, gamer audiences globally, esports has long been the logical next step in Outerstuff’s expansion plans,” said Sol Werdiger, Outerstuff founder and CEO. “We’ve been strategic about identifying the right partner to help us navigate the industry and work with brands hungry for access to global distribution channels for licensed esports youth apparel. Misfits Gaming’s partnership in this collaboration — supported by an equity investment from our side — provides the joint venture with credible leadership, unique insights, and a high-value network in the dynamic esports market.”