Continuing to encourage more people to get outside and protect their public lands, Merrell launched its new Add Your Own Scenery global brand campaign. Add Your Own Scenery includes a series of product advertisements as well as a major viral campaign where fans upload images of their favorite outdoor vistas to, through their computers, to help create the world’s largest panoramic photo.

Each photo uploaded will help support public lands around the world, including National Parks Foundation, American Hiking Society and Conservation Alliance. For all of the shared photos Merrell will donate up to $250,000.

Merrell friends and fans can simply upload their favorite views along with the scene’s location of where the photo was taken and the coordinates will automatically place the photo in its geographical location. The goal is to get as many photosfrom locations worldwide to create a connected global panorama of beautifulscenes in which enthusiasts recreate.

“Our goal in this campaign is to bring people together through the sharing of their favorite outdoor places, to inspire even further exploration,” said Craig Throne, vice president of global marketing at Merrell. “Ideally Add Your Own Scenery creates a domino effect of shared outdoor inspiration, increased outdoor participation, all in a collective effort to protect our outdoor playgrounds.”

Built in partnership with their London-based creative agency, The Minimart, Add Your Own Scenery is Merrell’s way of letting enthusiasts create their own ideal outdoor space and live in it.  The advertising campaign features six unique creative executions and will be placed in an increased number of print and digital outlets, up from 2010, to promote the Merrell brand mantra – “Let’s Get Outside.”

“Everyone has their own idea of the perfect escape, their own backdrop to explore, and these may be different to other people,” said Ed Chilcott, Creative Partner at The Minimart. “For anyone who loves getting outside these backdrops will constantly change. The Add Your Own Scenery campaign is unique in that it encourages the viewer to use their imagination, and then share and inspire others to explore together. The end goal is to create a unique, global view of the outdoor places in which we all love to play.”

To further activate the mission of getting more people outside and protecting the scenery in their backyards, Merrell owned stores will host a Protect the Scenery National Trails Day Event in June. This event will bring communities together in a concerted effort to play in and protect their own natural playgrounds.  More information on this event will be available the end of May.