MeatEater, Inc. acquired Dave Smith Decoys (DSD), a maker of realistic hunting decoys and gear. The move marks the company’s latest strategic acquisition in high-performance outdoor products, following the acquisition of technical hunting apparel brand First Lite in 2019, FHF Gear in 2020 and Phelps Game Calls in 2021.

DSD has manufactured lifelike turkey, waterfowl, and deer decoys for over two decades. MeatEater will aim to expand its offerings and bring its products to a broader customer base.

“We have a track record of bringing trusted brand partners into the MeatEater fold and helping them expand their products and reach,” said MeatEater Founder Steven Rinella. “I’ve been using DSD for a bunch of years. Their decoys are high-quality and look more realistic than anything on the market. When we had the chance to introduce even more people to this exceptional brand, we jumped at it.”

“With our commitment to making ultra-effective decoys in mind and our passion for conservation and ethical hunting, we would only agree to a partnership with a company with whom we feel we are aligned within all these things. In MeatEater, we have found that partner,” said Dave Smith, DSD founder.

“Maintaining the quality of our products is a top priority to all of us while simultaneously promoting hunting in a positive light to preserve our hunting heritage,” added DSD co-owner Brad Cochran.

Under the leadership of Smith and DSD co-owners Cochran and Greg Hogan, DSD will continue expanding its AceDecoys line in its Oregon-based manufacturing plant as part of this new venture. “We have some great new products in the works, and we’re excited to work with the MeatEater team to bring these to market,” said Hogan, co-owner and manager of operations for DSD.

The acquisition of DSD follows last week’s appointment of Jason Bergsman as CEO of MeatEater, Inc.