After owning McArthur Towels for six years, Magnet LLC and Action Performance have sold back the company to the McArthur family. Gregg McArthur, fifth generation family member, has been renamed president and CEO while Neil Mattson now serves as vice president and COO. McArthur brings over twenty years of experience with this company and Mattson has an outstanding record of service and expertise in this highly specialized industry. McArthur stated, “Thanks to a dedicated team of loyal and honest employees, we are pleased to announce that our business will grow and remain in Baraboo, Wisconsin.”

McArthur Towels dates back to 1885 when thrifty Scotsman, George McArthur emigrated to the U.S. from Belfast, Ireland where he learned the art of weaving. Arriving in Baraboo, Wisconsin, he discovered the available water supply and set up a water turbine weaving operation along the banks of the Baraboo River.

The company manufactured rugs and linen towels serving the Midwest retail markets. At the close of World War II, McArthur became a key supplier to the athletic towel industry serving schools, YMCA’s and health clubs. McArthur Towels is a leading supplier of promotional licensed sports retail and athletic textile items with innovative customization techniques. Licensed retail products include NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and Collegiate products. The McArthur Team expects controlled growth in both new and existing markets.

With 120 years of experience, McArthur continues to be a leader in the field. The business has grown while maintaining its original goals of providing the best possible products and customer service offered with fair pricing. This progress has come full circle from an All American success story of a family business that moved into the corporate world only to return again to its original roots, moving ahead but remembering with pride, its history.

McArthur would like to extend our thanks to new customers for choosing our services, and to existing customers we thank you for your continued support as we head into a great new era.