Marmot Mountain L.L.C. made three internal promotions within the company. Laura Miera has been appointed to Vice President of Global Production; Beng Hook is the new Manager of Technical Design; and Jamie Ruderman has been appointed to Creative Director.

Laura Miera is a veteran employee of Marmot who began her career as a part-time seamstress in 1983 in Grand Junction, Colorado, the company’s former headquarters and Laura’s hometown. “Back then, we use to sew garments one piece at a time – instead of working assembly lines,” she explained earlier this week at Marmot’s offices in Santa Rosa, California. As the company’s new Vice President of Global Production, Laura Miera’s responsibilities will include factory sourcing, production, quality control and developing both overseas and domestic production teams.

Also recently promoted within the company is Beng Hook, Marmot’s Manager of Technical Design. Beng is a ten year employee of the company and brings an extensive background in the apparel industry to Marmot. “She is a real team leader and knows how to involve and motivate people in a very professional way” explains Laura Miera, who hired her in 2002. In Beng’s new position, she will be responsible for managing Marmot’s technical design department, providing new leadership and processes to the team.

Greg Houser, Vice President of Design and Production, explains, “Both Laura’s and Beng’s recent appointments represent our commitment to design, production quality and our customers. These internal promotions also demonstrate Marmot’s on-going tradition of promoting from within the company.”

Finally, Jamie Ruderman, the company’s Art Director for the past two years, has been appointed to Marmot’s Creative Director. “Jamie bridges Marmot’s core audience to a broader consumer base through increased web technology and innovative design,” explains Tom Fritz, Vice President of Marketing. “Jamie’s excellent work continues to lead the technical development and creative direction of Marmot’s website,” he adds.