Marathon Sports, which saw the first bomb at the Boston Marathon attacks erupt in front of its store on


Street, has posted an inspirational blog entry entitled, “Our City Is Strong,” on its website, dedicated to the local running community and the city of Boston.

As reported, the blast blew the stores windows out but all twelve workers were just outside or inside the store and fortunately unharmed by the tragedy. The staff has since earned praise for rushing out front to aid injured runners and spectators.

The blog was posted Tuesday, a day after the attacks that has led to three deaths and more than 170 injured spectators.

The full blog entry follows:

Our City Is Strong

This took too long to write, and in part its because there really are no words to describe how we all feel right now.

On this surreal Tuesday, in the immediate wake of this incredible, tragic, senseless act of violence that took place quite literally at our doorstep, we are deeply saddened for the loss of life and the injuries sustained by the multitude of victims. We send our prayers, thoughts, and positive energy to all who have been affected by this act.

As a company at the epicenter of the running community in Boston, we feel it is our duty to respond. We will not respond with any commentary on those responsible for the attack; that would merely validate their actions. We will focus instead on the incredible sense of solidarity, of unity, and of love within the running community and Boston at large.

We are incredibly grateful that the members of our staff on site at the time of the attack are, miraculously, safe, and we are proud of the individual decisions our staff made in the face of inconceivable circumstances. And the outpouring of prayers, offers of help, and love from all corners of the running world is heartfelt and appreciated.

The decision to help one another through tragedy can be instinctive, and those very instincts are native to the running community, and part of what makes it such a special group of people in the first place. While running is very much an individual sport in many respects, we all strive to celebrate and triumph together, united by a common pursuit. Whether celebrating a first 5k, a PR, or a lifelong pursuit of crossing the finish line on Boylston Street, we all train, race, and celebrate together.

And because of this, we will persevere. As Bostonians-which we ALL are on Marathon Monday, native or not-we are strong, stubborn New Englanders to the core. As runners-we are unified through love for one another, love for our sport, love for the thrill of crossing finish lines, and for (sometimes) beating the clock.

Yesterdays events will cause us to cherish those triumphs all the more, in honor of those who no longer can. Know this: Boston will not stop running. We will run again, and we owe it to those who cant.

#PrayForBoston and donate to the Red Cross

Marathon Sports