In the first four months of fiscal 2009, the worldwide economic crisis had a massive impact on the performance of the Conzzeta Group as a whole, but the company’s subsidiary, Mammut Sports Group, reported a strong sales gains.

Mammut Sports Group revenues increased 12.3% to CHF 76.4 million ($66.7 mm) compared to CHF 68.0 million ($64.5 mm) for the same period last year. Sales were attributed to a strong boost from reorders of winter products and healthy advanced orders for the summer collection. The biggest increases were recorded by the Mammut brand in the clothing and technical products segments.

Geographically, the core markets in Switzerland and Germany continued to develop “very well,” and markets such as Italy and Japan also showed strong growth. Exports to some eastern European and Asian countries were hindered by unfavorable exchange rates. Up to now, the demand in the outdoor market has been robust.

The first signs of a possible slowdown in this outdoor segment are so far apparent only in the U.S., where the consumer mood is very negative, according to Conzzeta Group management.