Majestic said it has set up 45 domestic locations staged to start producing Clubhouse and other Official World Series Championship gear for fans.  Facilities in Texas, St. Louis and throughout the country will fire up the moment the final out is recorded.

“This is the most complex and the most exciting challenge we’ve ever had at Majestic, but we are ready,” said Jim Pisani, President, Majestic Athletic.

 “The excitement has hit a fever pitch and orders have been spiking this morning.  In both markets we have retailers who plan to stay open through the night,” said Pisani.

Printing will not begin before tonight’s game is complete and will continue for days.   In addition to tee shirts and fleece, sewers at Majestic’s Easton, Pennsylvania facility are ready to start making Cardinal or Ranger jerseys and outerwear with World Series Champion patches.

This year, Majestic has added a new twist to the Official Clubhouse tees, the graphics highlight the identities of the winning cities.   “We can guarantee that Ranger or Cardinal fans will be thrilled with the designs and selection Majestic will offer them,” added Pisani.