Majestic Athletic, the official uniform supplier of Major League Baseball, has introduced Majestic FanZones in 17 MLB parks this spring.

Each Majestic FanZone can quickly produce a replica jersey of any current player, not just those that concessionaires stock. Since some teams wear as many as five jerseys, fans can now chose from more than 100 different player jersey options right at the ball park. Majestic FanZones rely on real-time data, so consumers can get a jersey for a recently acquired or activated player immediately.

“In today’s customized age, fans expect to be able to find any player in any color jersey, which creates challenges for our facilities and retailers. With FanZones we bring the Majestic factory to the fans – they can tell us exactly what they want – size, color and player,   Then we deliver on the spot,” said Jim Pisani, President, Majestic Athletic.
Majestic’s new innovation, developed in partnership with Silver Crystal Sports, Ltd. debuted at last year’s MLB All-Star Game and enabled a record number of fans to take home custom All-Star jerseys.