In the December, 2009 edition of its Golf Apparel Market Reports, independent research firm, Golf Datatech, LLC, found that the $0-$49.99 price range made up the majority of sales for both mens and womens on- and off-course golf apparel.


For mens on-course shirts, including short and long sleeve, the average retail price for the month was $47.37, with the $0-$49.99 range accounting for 61.7% of sales, while womens shirts had and ASP of $41.06, with 71.3% of sales coming in the $0-$49.99 range. The mens on-course top market, including sweaters, vests and fleeces, had an ASP of $67.14, while womens tops ASPs were at $57.92 for December.


In the off-course apparel markets, average selling prices dropped even lower, as mens shirts had a $35.74 ASP, with the $0-$49.99 price range holding 83.9% of the total sales. In womens off-course shirts, the average selling price for the month was $35.44, with the lowest price points accounting for 79% of sales. The mens off-course top ASP for December was $46.90, while womens tops had an ASP of $42.05.