Lotto Sport Italia S.p.A. closed 2006 with a turnover of €277 million ($348.0 mm), increasing 8% over 2005. 2006 was a year of change for the company, following investments in the product research & development sector, in sales development and acquisitions.

Geographically, Italy was up 25%; Europe 43%; America 11%; Asia Pacific area 15%; and Africa 6%. Signs of positive growth came from all markets: Italy +7%; Western Europe (France +7%, Germany +9%, Great Britain +19%, Belgium +4% and the Netherlands +61%), Eastern Europe (Rumania +35%, Croatia +21%, Ukraine +16%, Slovenia +30%). On the American continent, considerable growth was achieved in Central-South America with +8%. In Asia, the Far East in particular recorded +7%.

In terms of products, growth was spread across all category types offered by Lotto, where footwear accounts for 43% of overall sales, clothing for 51% and accessories for 6%. Football, five-a-side football, tennis and running together total 55% (5% growth) with leisure accounting for the remaining 45% (11% growth).

“The result brings huge satisfaction – said Andrea Tomat, company President– as it is proof of the brand not only in the technical area of the products, where we have grown by 5%, but also in leisure, with an increase of 11%, thanks also to the launching of our Lotto Leggenda line. Downstream of the chain, great impetus has been given by the direct presence of the brand across the area, with the start up of a well-coordinated retailing strategy both in Italy and abroad, allowing Lotto to assert its presence in the main foreign markets of Asia and America in particular. The outlook of this scenario is the opening up of many opportunities that will allow us to further reinforce the formula we are dedicated to proposing of great “Italian innovation and design.”