Barclays Bank, which issues Visa credit cards on behalf of L.L. Bean, is warning the outdoor retailer's customers that hackers gained access to customers' names and e-mail addresses. In a letter that was posted on L.L. Bean's website, the bank assured credit card holders that “the only information that was obtained was your name and email address.”

Barclays, however, noted, “It is possible you may receive spam email messages as a result which
could potentially ask you for additional information about your account.
Please note, Barclays will never ask you in an email to verify
sensitive information such as your full account number, Username,
Password or Social Security Number. Therefore, any email which does so
should be treated suspiciously, even if it looks like it comes from
Barclays. As a reminder, we urge you to be cautious when opening links
or attachments from unknown third parties.”

Barclays also sent an e-mail to its customers warning that someone gained access to files through a vendor, marketing services firm Epsilon. Best Buy, TiVo and Walgreen are also among others that warned of data breaches related to Epsilon over the weekend.

Barclays is telling L.L. Bean cardholders that their credit card numbers are safe but that they could be subject to spam seeking personal information.
The statement said a full investigation is under way.

L.L. Bean's letter is at: