L.L. Bean and the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife have entered into a licensing agreement that will allow L.L. Bean to sell IFW logo merchandise at their stores in Freeport. Proceeds from the sale of the merchandise will benefit the department’s educational and promotional programs.

“This truly is a situation where everyone wins. Both the IF&W logo and the L.L. Bean name have great brand appeal. This partnership means great things for conservation in Maine,” said Roland D. Martin, Commissioner, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. “We are extremely pleased that L.L. Bean is offering our logo to their customers, as it provides a vital source of funding to IF&W educational and promotional programs,”

L.L. Bean has agreed to offer a variety of apparel featuring the department’s famous embroidered logo, which will appear paired with embroidered deer, moose, brook trout and other wildlife. This program mirrors a successful merchandise agreement that the department has with the Kittery Trading Post.

The program at L.L. Bean has been in place since December, and sales have been brisk at the hunting and fishing store.

“We knew this was going to be a successful program right off the bat,” says Mike Gawtry, L.L.Bean Product Line Manager for Hunting and Fishing. “In fact, we have already sold close to 1,000 units in just this short amount of time.”

The funds generated by the production and sale of these items will benefit the department’s ongoing educational and promotional programs like the Maine Fish and Wildlife Outdoors Radio which supplies outdoor information and advisories as tourists travel into the state on the Maine Turnpike as well as the Outdoor Partners Program which provides educational materials at scores of in state events.

“This partnership benefits not only L.L. Bean and our Department, but all who enjoy Maine’s fish and wildlife,” said Martin. “Mike Gawtry of L.L. Bean and IF&W’s Bill Pierce deserve a lot of credit for making this great program and partnership a reality.”