Lippert Components, Inc., a components supplier supporting the recreation and transportation industries, acquired substantially all of the business assets of Marine Trailer Performance (MTP), a marine axle manufacturer based in Houston, TX.

MTP also specializes in axle lubrication systems, hydraulic brake actuators and performance disc brakes for boat trailers.

The acquisition by Lippert rounds out its axle portfolio, allowing the company to provide marinized axle solutions to OEMs who manufacture boats and boat trailers and aftermarket dealers and distributors.

“We are excited about the acquisition of Marine Trailer Performance,” said Nick Lenzi, founder, president and CEO of MTP, now vice president of Marine Axle sales at Lippert. “Lippert’s expertise and extensive experience in the axle industry will undoubtedly supercharge MTP’s growth trajectory, empowering us to explore new horizons and expand our operations to unprecedented levels. As we move forward, we do so with unwavering enthusiasm, a shared vision and an unyielding determination to lead the industry into uncharted territories.”

“This acquisition helps fortify our axle portfolio and gives us an opportunity to deliver Lippert’s unparalleled service and value to a brand-new customer base,” said Bob Boone, Axle’s product manager and vice president of Utility Axle sales at Lippert. “With the MTP acquisition, we are reinforcing our dedication to being a leader in the axle industry. We couldn’t be more excited about the tremendous value this brings to Lippert’s future.”