Levels announced a $12 million seed round led by a16z, one of Silicon Valley’s venture capital firms whose portfolio includes Airbnb, Facebook, Instagram, Lyft, Pinterest, Slack, Stripe, and Waymo.

The round also includes participation from angel investors including Marc Randolph, co-founder and first CEO of Netflix; Dick Costolo, former CEO of Twitter; Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch; and Matt Dellavedova, NBA player for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In the same way fitness trackers are commonly worn to quantify physical activity and exercise, Levels measure the impact of a person’s diet and lifestyle on metabolic health by pairing continuous glucose monitoring technology with AI software.

The month-long Levels program includes two 14-day CGM sensors and access to the Levels app, which provides real-time analysis on how food, exercise and other lifestyle decisions impact health.

“You shouldn’t need a Ph.D. in nutrition or human physiology to know what to eat for lunch. Levels is the first product that takes the guesswork out of daily lifestyle choices with personalized, objective data,” said Josh Clemente, Levels Founder and President. “By leveraging continuous glucose monitoring, Levels helps users close the loop between overall health and daily choices around food, exercise, sleep, and stress management to support long-term metabolic health.”

Photo courtesy Levels