LEKI announced the second annual LEKI Full Ride Scholarship to the Ligety-Weibrecht Ski Camp, which will award one deserving junior ski racer the ultimate opportunity to train with premier level coaches. The scholarship includes registration fees for one week of camp at Mt. Hood, air travel to and from camp, and LEKI race gear.
LEKI has long supported all skiers, from those who are just cutting their teeth to those who have won World Championship titles and Olympic Gold Medals, including Ted Ligety. LEKI will offer this scholarship to one ski racer, male or female, who demonstrates not only financial need but also a commitment to hard work both on and off the slopes.
Skiers are asked to submit a short essay on how they would benefit from a week at the camp and how they have been an asset to their community. Applications can be submitted through SkiRacing.com https://www.skiracing.com/stories/win-a-full-ride-scholarship-to-the-ligety-weibrecht-ski-camp and will be accepted through April 15, 2018.
The Ligety-Weibrecht Ski Camp runs three sessions in summer 2018. Visit their website https://ligetyweibrecht.com for more information on the camps.