LeftLane Sports announced that it is on pace to surpass a 100 percent increase in its holiday adventure travel sales, led by strong Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

LeftLane Sports, an online retailer of outdoor gear and adventure travel experiences, says that adventure travel has quickly become one of its most important offerings.

“We’ve seen our audience gravitate toward travel experiences. Customers want to spend their time and money on new adventures. And they are increasingly choosing LeftLane Sports to help them gear up and explore the world,” said Michelle Linton, VP of Travel for LeftLane Sports.

LeftLane Sports has been investing heavily in bringing travel to all of its websites. In the past year, the company has expanded its offerings from just one website, TheClymb.com, to three additional websites, including its namesake LeftLaneSports.com. All of the websites offer highly discounted and distinctive adventures across all seven continents, like hiking to Mt. Everest base camp, cycling along the Tour de France route, or running the Havana Marathon in Cuba.

“We’re making significant investments to become one of the premier adventure travel companies in the world. With 14 million members across our five websites, we have tremendous runway for growth as we expose these customers to our trips,” said Erik Fialho, chief operating officer of LeftLane Sports. “2018 will be a big year for us, as we expand available travel dates, destinations, and levels of adventure,” continued Fialho.

The company’s expansion plans also include acquisition opportunities in the travel space. “The technology platform that we have built is instantly scalable and can easily add on additional properties. We feel that there are untapped opportunities at both local and international travel levels. So, we will continue to keep a close eye on the landscape as we grow our currently owned websites and place bets on new investments,” continued Fialho.

LeftLane Sports currently offers travel experiences across all 7 continents, and plans a two to three-fold increase in its list of offerings in the coming year. This includes a mix of international and domestic destinations.

LeftLane Sports’ brands include LeftLane Sports, The Clymb, Seshday, ACTIVE GearUp, and PlanetGear.com.