The Lake Tahoe Winter Games Exploratory Committee (LTWGEC) announced additional members of its board of directors after convening its inaugural meeting in Olympic Valley, CA Friday.

Members of the board unanimously supported that the organization turn its attention to the next available (when the United States Olympics Committee (USOC) decides to bid) Winter Olympic games while simultaneously focusing its efforts on attracting world class sporting events to the region in preparation for a potential bid.


The board of the LTWGEC is comprised of Nevadans and Californians who have come together to create a bi-state effort focused on creating the environment for a potential Olympic bid.

The LTWGEC’s actions came on the heels of the announcement by the USOC that it would not be bidding on the 2022 Winter Olympics. The USOC said that it would instead make a decision in the Fall regarding mounting an American bid for either the Summer 2024 or Winter 2026 Olympics.

“The LTWGEC strongly supports and endorses the USOC’s decision to delay the U.S. bid for future Olympic Games,” said Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw/Alpine and acting chair of the board of directors for the LTWGEC. “We feel the decision puts Lake Tahoe in a much stronger position to be the host of the next Winter Olympic Games in North America, whenever that is.”

Last Friday, the LTWGEC held its inaugural meeting with its new board of directors.

“We are very proud to have such an esteemed group of Californians and Nevadans coming together to create a truly bi-state effort here in our region,” said Wirth. “Our region – from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe to Reno – has the right combination of venues and physical splendor to make it one the world’s great destinations for Winter sports and this committee is dedicating itself to that ideal.”

In the coming weeks, the LTWGEC will make a series of announcements about the committee’s goals, its dedication to the region’s glorious physical environment, its commitment to working with all the local communities in the area and additional board members.

“Stay tuned as we’re just getting started but this is an important first step,” Wirth continued. “We’re going to work with our neighbors, our community members, and create something truly special for the region.”

A full list of the board members is below. The Board will be adding new members in the coming weeks.

Board of Directors of the Lake Tahoe Winter Games Exploratory Committee

  • James Beckwith

  • Blaise Carrig

  • Andy Gabel

  • Brett Hedican

  • Gail Jaquish

  • Ben Keighran

  • Atan Laichandani

  • Lt. Governor Brian Krolicki

  • Jonny Moseley

  • Hawley McClean

  • Tamara McKinney

  • Peter Ragone

  • Anne Madden Rice

  • Phil Satre

  • Isabelle Rodriguez Wilson

  • Andy Wirth

  • Patrick Wright

  • Kristi Yamaguchi