Laird Hamilton and Nidecker have partnered to develop stand up paddle boards, including a new brand: Laird StandUp.

“Partnering with Nidecker is a very exciting prospect. I was impressed by their long history of technological innovations, and I knew they would be the perfect choice to help me produce the world’s best line of stand up paddle equipment,” said Hamilton. Nidecker CEO, Henry Nidecker, was equally enthusiastic, “Laird is a singular athlete, a once-in-a-generation talent. Nobody knows surf and paddle boards like him. We are very pleased to be working with him on this new project.” But Laird is not the only first-class waterman involved in the project. The initial board line is being created by legendary shaper Bob Pearson of Pearson Arrow. “Bob is fantastic,” stated Laird, “He accepts nothing less than the absolute best.”

Laird StandUp is committed to building only the finest high-performance stand up paddle boards, paddles, and accessories. The brand made a successful debut at Surf Expo in Orlando, FL, and will be making its first European appearance at Paddle Expo, September 18-20 in Nuremberg, Germany. The first boards will be hitting stores in early 2013.

For dealer, press, and rep inquiries, please contact Laird StandUp Global Brand Manager Byron Seegers at:
Widely regarded as the greatest big-wave surfer to have ever lived, Hamilton has constantly pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the water. Whether it is surfing, kiteboarding, foilboarding, windsurfing, waterskiing, or his most recent love, stand up paddle boarding, Hamilton has helped to redefine watersports for millions. Hamilton can be found in the water, splitting time between Maui, HI, and Malibu, CA, with his wife, Gabby, and their two daughters, Reece and Brody.

Nidecker has partnered with some of action sports’ most iconic figures, including Jeremy Jones (Jones Snowboards), Romain de Marchi, DCP, and JP Solberg (YES. Snowboards), JF Pelchat (NOW Snowboarding), Gigi Ruf (Slash Snowboards), and Laird Hamilton (Laird StandUp), to create a family of brands that showcase the best of action sports. Headquartered in Rolle, Switzerland, and Bellingham, WA, USA, Nidecker is committed to developing the highest quality products for winter and watersports enthusiasts worldwide.