LaCrosse Footwear unveiled its 2012 marketing campaign, entitled Revolutionary Footwear. The campaign launches with an all-new LaCrosse website and social media platform.

The campaign speaks to ingenuity, emphasizing
LaCrosse's rich heritage and ongoing dedication to building innovative,
quality footwear. The campaign will also highlight today's innovators –
men and women who show ingenuity in finding ways to sustain their
respective industries for years to come.

LaCrosse Footwear was
established in 1897 – a time synonymous with the birth of industry and
the boom of innovation: the Industrial Revolution. In its beginning,
LaCrosse manufactured rubber horseshoes in rural La Crosse, Wisconsin.
As time progressed, manufacturing capabilities broadened, and LaCrosse
began building function-rich rubber boots. Over 115 years later, the
company continues to embrace innovation, delivering revolutionary
solutions to its performance markets and introducing new urban casual
styles inspired by its rich heritage of quality and industrial design.
The Revolutionary Footwear campaign reflects the pioneering nature of
the brand that came of age in the Industrial Revolution and now
progresses forward as part of the revolution occurring in America today.
It celebrates the uniquely American values of hard work,
determination, respect and willingness to take on new adventures –
ultimately shaping the future in the spirit of our nation's past.
About Revolutionary Footwear
Footwear was created by LaCrosse's in-house Creative Team: Director
Haven Anderson, Art Directors Karen Wolf and Tally Gunstone and Producer
Peter Christenberry. The campaign is supported with retro-inspired,
authentic imagery for the brand's casual and performance product
categories, a brand video, short-film series, and a redesigned website
and social media platform.
Content supporting
the campaign will kick off with a brand video depicting LaCrosse's
perspective on the birth of industry in 1897 and the challenges industry
faces today. Shot primarily in rural American settings, where the
LaCrosse brand's core work and outdoor industries have existed for
decades, this content depicts the unique, authentic
values of the rural lifestyle. An Inventor Series of films will follow
with a sequence of stories to showcase visionaries of modern industry.
Individuals featured demonstrate how they are sustaining their
respective industry through innovation. Additional technology videos
will explain technical aspects of the brand's work and outdoor
performance product, providing a visual of the solution-based elements
incorporated into every pair of LaCrosse boots. These videos will roll
out individually in Fall 2012 on the LaCrosse website, Facebook and
In addition to supporting LaCrosse
performance footwear, the campaign includes content for the new casual
line. Capturing the essence of the Industrial Revolution, images for the
brand's casual collection were shot at the Brooklyn Roundhouse in
Portland, Oregon, which has housed and restored a number of America's
antiquated steam engines for many years. Symbolizing LaCrosse's
approach to designing its Fall 2012 collection, the roundhouse proved
an ideal location, allowing the strong beautiful lines of the steam
engine to accent the strong beautiful lines of the footwear. A
behind-the-scenes video of this photo shoot will be featured on the
LaCrosse website and social media outlets.
are exceptionally proud to bring this Revolutionary Footwear story to
our customers and celebrate the core values of the LaCrosse brand as it
has grown over time. From the beginning, LaCrosse has delivered
innovative, performance-based solutions to its customers and consumers,”
said Laurie Shaw, Director of Marketing at LaCrosse Footwear. “We are
proud to again lead the way, celebrating the men and women that are
willing to embrace the challenges of today and create the opportunities
of tomorrow. We live by this creed and will never stop working to create
revolutionary footwear solutions for the
LaCrosse will share the Revolutionary
Footwear Campaign primarily on the new LaCrosse website, and use the
Facebook Timeline feature to illustrate its heritage of innovation over
the last 115 years.