La Sportiva, the performance mountain brand, partnered with Janji for the first time on the limited-edition collection, “Door to World,” a ten-piece capsule that includes trail running footwear, Jackal II and a running kit.

“Up until this release, Janji has been known for exclusively creating ultra-capable trail-running apparel, eschewing footwear to focus on bringing durable construction, comfortable performance fabrics and technical pocketing systems to tops, bottoms and outerwear designed for all-day endurance pursuits,” said Dave Spandorfer, founder of Janji. “We’ve been patiently waiting for the right footwear partner to come along, and we’ve found that at La Sportiva, making this their first domestic collaboration.”

Janji’s colorful Tectonic Shift print unifies the capsule. 

“La Sportiva and Janji share an understanding that trail running has the power to change lives,” said Jonathan Lantz, president of La Sportiva North America. “Running is incredibly difficult, but it is because of the hurdles that this sport presents, not in spite of them, that this activity is so beautiful. This unique collaboration reflects both brands’ commitment to crafting eco-friendly products that embrace the toughness of the trails while working to create a welcoming community that sees every runner as an athlete on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.”

Collection highlights include:

  • La Sportiva’s redesigned Jackal II offers runners reduced weight, a roomy toe-box and a redesigned heel for a comfortable stride;
  • Janji’s new Zephyrunner Wind Shell is a “vaporlight” packable windbreaker constructed of 20D nylon micro ripstop fabric weighing 40gsm;
  • The collection uses recycled materials, with the Jackal II’s updated version including recycled mesh (forefoot, tongue and lining) and Janji’s accompanying kit mainly using recycled materials.

The ten-piece capsule is available exclusively through REI. For more product information, go here.

Photo courtesy La Sportiva x Janji