L.L.Bean announced it is beginning to reopen select stores in a phased approach, including limited-capacity shopping and/or curbside pick-up options as state guidelines allow.

For individual store information and reopening status, consumers are being encouraged to visit the company’s Retail page.

L.L.Bean said in the March-18 release, “As we take this step, the safety of our customers and employees remains our top priority. All L.L.Bean employees will be required to wear protective face coverings when interacting with customers and gloves while completing specific tasks. Our stores will continue to follow all state and local guidelines for reopening, including local ordinances for face-covering usage by customers.”

Additional protective measures include:

  • Special shopping hours for at-risk customers (9 to 10 a.m., Monday through Sunday);
  • Limited operating hours (10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Sunday);
  • Contactless interaction with customers and contactless payment;
  • Customers can pay in advance at locations offering curbside pickup, and all L.L.Bean stores support mobile pay;
  • Cash and checks not currently accepted;
  • Proper protective equipment will be provided to employees, including face coverings and gloves;
  • Stringent cleaning policies that require frequent sanitization of high-traffic areas, restrooms and surfaces;
  • Clear instructions for customers upon arrival to ensure an easy, safe, self-service experience;
  • Social distancing reminders via store PA systems and in-store signage;
  • Installation of Plexi barriers at point-of-sale locations along with floor markers to maintain six feet between customers in line queues;
  • Capacity restrictions to limit the number of customers in the building at one time
  • No on-site returns, repairs or merchandise customization (note: these services are still available for online orders, and returns may still be mailed in);
  • Bike service and repairs are currently available with contactless drop-off, pick-up and payment at its Freeport Bike, Boat & Ski store;
  • The full-service pro-shop is open at its Freeport Hunt & Fish store;e
  • Closure of common areas including fitting rooms, drinking fountains and water bubbles;
  • Ongoing employee support and health monitoring including;
  • Paid time off for COVID-19 related issues;
  • Clearance from its Employee Health Clinic before returning to work following an absence; and
  • Self-health assessments before each shift. (Employees will not be permitted to work if displaying virus symptoms.).

On March 13, L.L.Bean had re-opened its Bike, Boat & Ski Store and its Hunting & Fishing Store in its home town of Freeport, ME. Overall, L.L.Bean operates 54 stores in 19 states across the U.S.

Photo courtesy L.L. Bean