In an annual celebration of excellence and partnership, Krieghoff International, the family-owned German manufacturer of high-end hunting and sporting firearms based in Ulm, Germany, with an office in Bucks County, PA, announced its top three retail dealers worldwide based on the 2023 sales year.

DuPont/Krieghoff, a destination for fine firearms enthusiasts, leads the pack with the 2023 Gold Award. Under the leadership of Kemble du Pont, the retailer brings the English Gunroom experience to Vero Beach, FL. The DuPont/Krieghoff team provides “unparalleled service and an exquisite selection of Krieghoff products through their cutting-edge mobile showroom and service center.” With over 65 years in the business, DuPont/Krieghoff “stands as a pillar of excellence within the industry, as well as the shooting sports community,” reported Krieghoff.

Pacific Sporting Arms earned the 2023 Silver Award with one of the largest collections of fine firearms in the U.S. Founded by All-American competitive clay target shooter John Herkowitz in 1996, the company’s deep-rooted passion for the sport is evident. Staffed by experts with hands-on experience, Pacific Sporting Arms “delivers unmatched service to clients at their Michigan and California locations,” said Krieghoff.

Paxton Arms earned the 2023 Bronze Award, based in Richardson, TX, and led by Robert Paxton and Mary DiGiovanni—both members of the Texas Skeet Shooters Association Hall of Fame. Paxton Arms is known for its “commitment and excellence in shooting sports since 1978. Paxton Arms profound dedication to enhancing their customers’ shooting sports experience and active community engagement have significantly contributed to their esteemed recognition,” said Krieghoff.

Christina Byrd, Krieghoff’s sales manager, celebrating the achievements of the 2023 award winners, said, “It’s the depth of knowledge and dedication these dealers share, spanning more than a hundred years combined, that truly drives the success of Krieghoff. Their commitment to distributing our firearms and providing exceptional customer experience speaks volumes of their trust and belief in the quality and legacy of our brand. We’re excited to see them thrive and continue to set benchmarks in the industry for many more years to come.”

Image courtesy Krieghoff International