Keen and have teamed up to produce a radio show for parents
who are actively seeking ways to foster a playful, creative and socially
responsible lifestyle that connects family, community and the outdoors.
The KEEN HybridLife Radio Show broadcasts its show at 1 pm PST, every
Wednesday at

The weekly program is inspiring, interactive and inclusive, with themes that apply as much to the hardcore outdoor enthusiast as to the family who visits the park on a Sunday afternoon. The show will provide ideas and information that will inspire parents to create possibilities, care for the world around us, and get outside and play with their children.

“Many people ask our team at KEEN what does 'HybridLife' mean? When we have the opportunity to talk with people one on one and share stories about people living and embracing a meaningful and multidimensional HybridLife, they get it,” said James Curleigh, CEO of Keen. “The radio show is the perfect platform to share these stories and inspire others to join the HybridLife community.”

He added, “It's not a how-to guide or step-by-step instructional show. We'll be listening and learning ourselves about how people interpret HybridLife and make it a part of their family experiences.”

Todd Mansfield, chief executive producer for, said, “At through our internet radio network, we are building a community and gathering space to encourage authentic living. Consistent with that, the KEEN HybridLife Radio show provides resources and ideas, but most importantly will inspire parents and KEEN fans to incorporate a bit more fun, creativity and caring into each and every day.”

Heather Hardy of Northwest Portland and Adam Sawyer of North Portland co-host the Keen HybridLife Radio show. Heather is a mother of three, with two boys (ages 12 and seven) and a girl (age 10). She works in non-profit development for Morrison Child and Family Services. Adam has an eight-year-old daughter and is a freelance outdoor writer/photographer, program director for Oregon Active Family and a pizza maker.

The two will host 48 30-minute shows over a year on a variety of topics along the HybridLife theme. Topics for the first few shows include: geocaching, Fall foliage, and Fall harvest activities like corn mazes and pumpkin patches.

Listeners can tune in live every Wednesday at 1 pm PST and submit questions for the hosts and guests during the show. It will also replay at 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. every day. Shows can also be individually downloaded from the HybridLife Radio website.