Icryo Cryotherapy, a leading cryotherapy franchise in the U.S., announced that Joseph Pepe, Sr. and Matthew Pepe will be joining the company as equity partners.

The Pepe’s are experienced franchise owners and operators, who bring a wealth of knowledge to the Icryo Cryotherapy team.

Joseph Pepe, Sr. is well known for being the one of the first Planet Fitness franchise owners. Joseph Sr. went on to own 34 Planet Fitness locations between Connecticut and North Carolina before selling the last of his locations in 2017.

After stepping away from Planet Fitness, the Pepe’s looked to Cryotherapy as a logical next step, going from managing fitness facilities to wellness and recovery centers. Vetting several Cryotherapy franchise opportunities with industry leaders, Joseph Sr. and Matthew chose to finalize their partnership with Icryo.

In addition to signing as equity partners, the Pepe’s are also purchasing a multi-unit franchise in Raleigh, NC, as well as receiving area development rights for the entire state of North Carolina. Matthew will be responsible for operations at those first two locations in the state.

Icryo Cryotherapy offers Whole Body Cryotherapy, Localized Cryotherapy and Cryotherapy Facials, IV Hydration, Compression Therapy and Infrared Sauna, as well as Cryoskin Body Contouring services for body slimming and toning. A list of benefits from Cryotherapy include: muscle recovery, decrease in joint pain, immunity boost, stress relief, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, metabolic boost and improved sleep.

“Matthew and I have been eager to bring our franchise and operational experience to the Cryotherapy industry,” said Joseph Sr., equity partner. “After careful vetting, we are thrilled to be joining Icryo, both as partners and franchisees. We love the model and couldn’t be more optimistic.”

“Icryo has built an outstanding business model, led by a team we truly believe in. I’m eager to bring my experiences to Icryo and open locations in my home state of North Carolina,” said Matthew Pepe.

“Bringing Joseph Sr. and Matthew Pepe onboard Icryo marks a monumental addition for our team,” said Kyle Jones, co-founder and COO of Icryo Cryotherapy. “The Pepe family set the standard for franchise owners in the fitness industry and we know they will be a tremendous asset to our company as we continue our nationwide expansion. We are grateful to have them onboard and look forward to a great partnership.”