Johnson Outdoors Inc. was awarded a $12 million delivery order for the production and delivery of 2,000 Modular General Purpose Tent Systems (MGPTS). The company was awarded the original MGPTS contract in September 1997 and continues to build tents and accessories for the U.S. military on this contract. This new order represents additional production of the MGPTS beyond the scope of the original contract.

The Eureka! tent division (Binghamton, NY) will produce these tents.

According to Bill Kelly, General Manager and Vice President of the Outdoor Equipment Group of Johnson Outdoors, “We are proud to be an important partner for the U.S. Government on the production of tents and shelters. We have a flexible and dedicated workforce, which enables us to meet the demand for delivery by the U.S. Government. This puts Johnson Outdoors in a unique position . . . we are able to respond quickly to new orders, manufacturing quality products and delivering on time . . . performance specifications that must be met in order to receive new delivery orders.”

Johnson Outdoors Eureka! tent division is a significant vendor to the U.S. military for tentage. Existing contracts include the MGPTS, Extreme Cold Weather Tent (ECWT) and Marine Combat tents, along with the Chemical/Biological Tent Liner as a product accessory.