National Sales Manager | Honey Stinger

Jennifer is the National Sales Manager for Honey Stinger but prefers the title “worker bee at the Honey Stinger hive.” To support her professional growth and to strengthen her business relationship and leadership skills, Jennifer is an active community volunteer for organizations that have a personal meaning for her, i.e., Family Development Center Board of Directors, Meals on Wheels, Routt County Riders trail maintenance, Girl Scout Troop leader, Steamboat Springs High School Business Mentor, Girls to Women, LiveStrong partner events and New York City’s Welfare to Work Mentorship program. Jennifer is also a busy mom of two and married for 13 years to a man who inspires her every day.

EDUCATION & DEGREE(S) ACHIEVED: B.A. Business Administration and Art History, University of St. Thomas

I COULDN’T DO MY JOB WITHOUT: An incredible sales team passionate about the brand working closely to strategize and to share best practices.

BEST ADVICE I WAS GIVEN OR THAT I WOULD GIVE: Become comfortable with the unknown. Push yourself into uncomfortable situations to maximize your personal and professional development.

BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT TO DATE: Emerging from a complete packaging conversion that provided a unique and uncharted challenge and opportunity. It helped our team build strong communication and reinforced strong vendor partnerships to avoid sales disruptions.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE YOU’VE OVERCOME: Working with a smaller, emerging company allows the opportunity to directly impact the people and product that make the brand special. Flexibility and creativity are absolutely a requirement.

MOST IMPORTANT THING I HAVE LEARNED: Keep open lines of communication on what is working and encourage collaboration to problem solve.

WHAT OR WHO HAS ENABLED YOU TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL: I was honored to meet Sally Jewel and incredibly inspired by her energy and passion for the industry and engaging people in the outdoor world around them. Her message wants me to become more successful and make a difference!

BIGGEST LIFE LESSON: “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.” John Lennon said it so well. When we are resistant to change we fall behind. Be a part of our changing industry dynamics and be open to shifts in ways to reach and inspire customers.